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How Spiritual Healing Helps Lift Anxiety

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How Spiritual Healing Helps Lift Anxiety

Recent scientific studies have brought to light the numerous benefits of spiritual healing for those experiencing anxiety and stress.

This extensively researched and highly effective practice has shown exceptional promise in reducing stress levels, promoting overall mental and emotional well-being, and even offering a sense of peace and security through connecting with a higher power. Additionally, studies have indicated that spiritual healing may provide long-term relief from anxiety symptoms, making it an evidence-based and worthwhile option for individuals seeking to regain control over their quality of life.

Take strides towards feeling more centered, balanced, and at ease with the incredible advantages of scientific methods of spiritual healing. Results may prove to be nothing short of remarkable.

Read the feedback we recently received when we helped NHS staff at Good Hope hospital in Birmingham

We saw a total of 28 staff that day including a little workshop and below are a few of the comments we received.

” Absolutely incredible ! feeling rooted and grounded’ I was very stressed and really needed this” All NHS would benefit ” C- Nuclear medicine Dep

“Relaxed and calm, good to stop and think about myself” R. Radiographer

” A little emotional taking the time for yourself, i feel more relaxed and at ease” B- Service coordinator

“It felt nice and comforting ,I almost fell asleep , the security I felt when my head was held” H- Reporting Radiographer

” Afterwards , I felt a heavy load taken away from me, it’ll help me get through the day” S- Service coordinator

“Very relaxing , nice to have these moments of relaxation during a busy day”A- Clinical Radiographer

“Very relaxing, i enjoyed it very much” D- Mammographer

“Feeling very relaxed and peaceful” D- Radiology

” I felt really calm, felt energy flowing through and released the tension”- R- Clerical Officer

” I feel relaxed and at peace ,good to experience something I have never had before” S- Ultrasound

“Feeling much more relaxed , really for next part of the day” R- Radiology

” Awesome experience , would love to do it again” – N – Nuclear medicine dept


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